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What Is A TrueSport Camp?

TrueSport aims to change the playing field with a compelling curriculum designed specifically for the camp setting. The TrueSport Camp curriculum equips coaches—one of the most significant influencers in a young athlete’s life—to empower their athletes with lessons centered around our three pillars: Clean Competition, Sportsmanship, and Peak Performance. Each pillar includes five specific lessons designed for athletes (aged 10-17). These lessons are also aligned with NASPE National Coaching Standards.

Values-Based Lessons Delivered By Elite
Olympic & Paralympic Level Experts

Video lessons from our Athlete Ambassadors, who are Olympic and Paralympic athletes, accompany the lessons. Through each athlete’s personal story, the videos teach Clean Competition, Sportsmanship, and Peak Performance.

Note To Parents

TrueSport strives to be the guardian of the values and life lessons learned through true sport. We are
the catalyst to:


2014 TrueSport Camp List

TrueSport Camps are aligned with the TrueSport message to ensure a positive youth sport experience overall.  They recognize that a positive youth sport experience equips young athletes with the tools to be leaders in life.  TrueSport Camps operate with integrity and uphold a higher standard by teaching a variety of the TrueSport lessons within their daily sessions.  These camps understand that it is not just winning that takes precedence but how you win, and that sport acts as a vehicle to guide athletes to ultimate success.

We are honored to be an essential part of these 2014 Camps:

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